Jeffrey P. Rice, L.M.F.T., L.P.C., C.S.A.T.-Candidate - Marriage & Family Therapy, Counseling and Addiction Therapy
In my undergraduate studies at Brandeis University, I was focused on becoming a Sport Psychologist.  Upon graduation, I decided to work at a summer camp for kids with ADHD and this quickly changed my life as well as my focus.  I moved to Houston in May of 2000 and entered the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at The University of Houston- Clear Lake.  I worked as the Recreation Director at Avondale House for  just over 2 years and then as an Administrator at The Briarwood School for the next 8 years.  In July of 2011, I decided to hang my own shingle as a Marriage and Family Therapist.  I am very passionate about the work I do and take on the role of "voice for those who don't have a voice" very seriously.  I have also discovered that I am an expert in restoring hope.  Perhaps this is because I am also a Cancer Survivor.  I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in March 2013 and am happy to report that I have been cancer free since August 2013!  I am filled with gratitude about this part of my journey and have even written a manuscript that I plan on publishing someday.  I love to talk about this part of my journey so please don't be afraid to ask!